Music Spotlight #1—Ted Savarese

Who is Ted Savarese?

A composer, music producer and guitarist who is respected and loved by many in the San Francisco music scene. Ted leads and plays in multiple bands—each with its own sound and style—including The TedTonesDrizzoletto and Octomutt.

What is his role on The Big Flip?

He’s working with Director Izzy Chan to create an original soundtrack for The Big Flip. Ted worked with Izzy to create the soundtrack for her last film, Love in San Francisco. How good is Ted? He won the Golden Eye award for his film score for the documentary October Country.

What is his sound?

Listen for yourself! Ted sings often, like here…

And he collaborates with other musicians, such as here where Lily Taylor (another indie musician we love!) sings one of Ted’s tunes…

What are Ted's favorite movie soundtracks?

1. “Anything Nino Rota did for Fellini—Amarcord if I have to pick one.”  Why Nino Rota? “He was always able to bring out ambiguous emotions in scenes, much like Fellini—wistful and profound.”

2. “Angelo Badalamente’s work on David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.”

3. “For documentaries, I like Henry Kaiser’s work on Werner Herzog’s films.” Here’s one…

What is on Ted's playlist?

“Daily I listen to a diverse mix of things—very early country/western, New Orleans early Rock’n’Roll such as Professor Longhair; I also listen to Reiko Kudo often.”

What is his perspective on The Big Flip?

Ted’s a long-time big flipper himself!