The Big Flip is a documentary about modern families where mom works and dad mans the home, and a movement whose mission is to smash gender barriers that limit what we think a man and a woman should do and can do.





  • Create inspired conversations at your work, your professional network, your child's PTA group, or a neighborhood community
  • Identify gender biases in your environment—both explicit or implicit—and brainstorm ways to change and improve


  • Educate your employees, peers and senior management about this growing new demographic of breadwinner moms and modern dads
  • Inspire them to come up with new products, services and policies that will allow your organization to thrive in the new normal


  • Network with a purpose—the film is a catalyst that will uplift attendees and foster meaningful conversation
  • Create deeper connections that go beyond a handshake


  • Leverage the event to get your name out there
  • Be recognized as a thought leader deeply immersed in current cultural and social trends


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Interested in hosting but not sure what it entails?

We have developed an informative guide to help you get started. From visualizing the day of your event to how to promote it, we cover everything you need to know to become a successful Big Flipping Host!



  • One-time public screening license
  • BluRay or DVD of feature film and supplemental video clips
  • Detailed Event Planning Guide and 23-page Discussion Guide to continue the conversation after the film
  • Social Media & Marketing Toolkit (photos, posters, graphics, and videos to share)
  • Promotion of your event on our site & social media
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Our director Izzy Chan is also available to facilitate and participate in post-screening Q&As. Click here to learn more about bringing Izzy to your event.


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1. Because you want children to thrive, families to be happy, and love to endure regardless of who makes the money.

It’s time to change the conversation, and celebrate families of all structures and make ups without judgement. As long as the kids are loved, husbands and wives are happy, and the family is healthy—why should anyone care, who makes the money and who stays home?


2. Because The Big Flip affects you too, whether you live it directly or not.

The Big Flip will soon be the new normal. The men, women and children of The Big Flip will be our co-workers, our customers, our leaders and employees. Singles dating someone from the opposite sex will have to redefine what a good man or good woman means. Parents—your daughter could likely grow up to be the one supporting her family, and your son might very well have to man the home-front at some point in his life. So creating a world where Big Flip families can thrive and be happy will end up benefiting all of us.

3. Because the stories of our Big Flip families will touch you, teach you, inspire you, and change you.

We scouted long and hard across the U.S. to find this richly diverse and inspiring range of Big Flip families to open up their homes, and share their Big Flip journeys with us. Learn from their stories.


4. Because early reviews and film critics give it a thumbs up.

In the words of film critic David Shreve: “Director Izzy Chan proves to be an author of determined artistic reserve. The Big Flip is a movie that is not so much about a movement as it is about the people participating within a movement, which proves to be a much more valuable perspective.” 

Did we mention we have 7 festival laurels?

5. Because you’ll be supporting a non-commercial project where funds will be spent on outreach, NOT for profit.

Now that the film is made, the challenge is to get it out there and create the change we want to see. Screening and speaker fees will be used to reach more audiences, spark conversations, move hearts and minds, and begin the hard work of evolving our society’s outdated gender expectations.

6. Because SF Film Society believes this “promises to be an imaginative contribution to the media arts field.”

That’s what they said in their letter when we were accepted into their fiscal sponsorship program. See for yourself!

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7. Because you are a leader, not a follower, in managing change in your world.

This is not just a short-term anomaly—but a long-term trend that will soon tip to become the new normal. Join us in leading the charge in understanding this change, and helping steer it in a positive direction.

8. Because you’re ready for an exciting new icon of the modern dad to replace Mr. Mom.

Popular culture likes to portray a man with his kids as either a bumbling idiot, or an unattractive Mr. Mom.  No wonder only 8% of Americans agree that kids are better off with dad at home than at work. Help us reverse these misperceptions.

9. Because you believe men should be able to lean into family and fatherhood with pride and joy.

Today, men are often judged negatively when they're not the one bringing in the bacon. No wonder husbands are 61% less happy when their wives are breadwinners. Stand with us in celebrating caring dads and husbands who are key to their wives’ and families’ successes.

10. Because you believe women should be able to lean into work without sacrificing family.

Half of Americans still think that the increase of women in the work force has made it harder for marriages to succeed. A majority still feel that kids are better off with mom at home instead of at work. In the face of such social pressures, it’s no wonder a woman is less happy when she is the breadwinner. Join us in changing these misguided notions about working women and Big Flip families.