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Izzy Chan collaborates with businesses and creative organizations in areas where business, culture, and people intersect. With 15+ years of experience, she sees her key role as a catalyst that inspires others to greatness. Businesses she’s touched include Honda, Audi, Virgin America, Apple, Google, Nike, Oakley and Visa. The key tools of her trade are: documentary, research, workshop design & facilitation, talks and brand strategy.

Izzy's award-winning documentary feature on breadwinner moms and at-home dads, The Big Flip—Stories from the Modern Home Front (2016), premiered at the Austin Film Festival and Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival. It was selected for the prestigious 2017-2018 American Film Showcase, the U.S. State Department’s film diplomacy program. Through the program, Izzy has the honor to travel to Egypt and China to share the film in person.

Brought up in Hong Kong and Singapore, Izzy started writing and directing stage plays since Form 2 (U.S. grade 8). Her senior film project from University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts was screened at film festivals around the world— including Vancouver International, Frameline (SF), and Verzaubert (Berlin, Munich, Koln, Frankfurt).

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Journalist Katie Couric dedicated an entire episode of her TV show on ABC on the topic of breadwinner wives, titled Alpha Women. She loved The Big Flip so much that she flew director Izzy Chan and one of our Big Flip families, Bonnie and Chip (and their newborn daughter Mabel Mei!) to New York for an interview.


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Director Izzy Chan (far right) and The Big Flip's Design & Innovation Lead, Jessica Gates (far left) with the CEO and Chairwoman of Bare Escentuals, Simon Cowell and Leslie Blodgett.




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  • Q&A: Post screening question and answer
  • Talk: WHY THE BIG FLIP MATTERS—dive into the research around the rise of female breadwinners, and how it affects families, businesses and society
  • Talk: BIG FLIP DESIGN & INNOVATION OPPORTUNITIES—key pain points for big flip families, and explore how they present opportunities for new products and services
  • Workshop: THRIVING IN THE BIG FLIP—facilitated forum for female breadwinners to connect and share their experiences, and to brainstorm ideas for businesses and employers to better support them

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Brand agency Team One leveraged their core strength—creating beautiful work that is head-turning and intelligent—in promoting The Big Flip talk to employees.





I love diving into meaty cultural and social trends that are poised to dramatically flip life as we know it. The rise of female breadwinners. The intersection of human enhancement technology and artificial intelligence. The changing face of work in the freelance economy. 

The stats make me wonder at the stories hidden within. What do the changes mean for real people—people like me, my friends, my daughter? The broad-stroke media analyses spark more questions—what are the tangible implications, in terms of how we live, work and play? For instance, why do divorce rates go up when the wife earns more than the husband; how can love endure as women grow more powerful? As women rise to positions of leadership, how will society change; will it just be a reversal of gender roles within old power structures, or something different? In a world where technology is making humans more super and computers more human, what is the line between man and machine; what will it mean to be human? 

It comes down to this:

I don’t want to be a passive passenger, and let our collective future be driven by a few experts and authority figures. I want to be upfront, see the big picture, and help drive the conversation.
— Izzy